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Translating Quantitative Archaeology Wiki

While we have chosen English as the primary language of this wiki, there is no reason not to have also the same content in other languages. This is why we added the translation plugin to our Dokuwiki installation, enabling all users and contributors to translate existing content into other languages.

How it works

Basically, a translation lives in a parallel namespace in the wiki tree, so the translation of the start page in French will be at fr:start and the German translation of spatial_analysys:start will be at de:spatial_analysys:start. The toolbar on the top-right of each page will help you finding which pages have already been translated.

If you need more languages just add your request here.

If you add new content

If you add new content to the wiki in English, just don't mind about translations. But in case you can provide some useful tutorial in a language other than English, please start creating an empty page and then proceed to the translation with the toolbar. It would be better if you could also provide an English translation, so we can also translate your contribution into other languages.

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