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  • complete Digging Numbers exercises <progress=80>
  • kmeans and the spatstat R package
  • spatial statistics and analysis with GRASS, R (huge topic, maybe split into smaller tasks)
  • neural networks
    • R nnet library
    • R AMORE library
    • other software
  • generic introduction to basic principles of statistics (the four levels of data, ..)
  • generic introduction to GRASS
  • generic introduction to R
  • investigate Calc as a soft mean for using free software in quantitative analysis
  • generic introduction to the spgrass6 R package
  • example with full tutorial: archaeological sites direction and solar irradiation (GRASS + R) <progress=30>
  • seriation (e.g. applied to graveyards)
  • applications to archaeometry
  • quantitative pottery studies
  • archaeozoology and palaeoanthropology (morphometric analysis, etc..)
  • archaeobotany
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