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-Are you too confused regarding weight training for golf?+====== Quantitative Archaeology Wiki ======
-There are many opinions in the golf globe on whether weight training ​is beneficial or counter-productive ​to the golf swing.+This wiki is dedicated ​to the development of free documentation about quantitative methods in archaeology,​ using free/open source software.
-On the PGA Tour it is actually a well-known truth which most pro golfers are implementing golfing fitness exercises into their training regimen. The goal of such golf fitness exercises is with better their play on the golfing course.+===== Contents =====
-First plus foremost, as a specialist strength plus conditioning coach found on the PGA Tour, I see the pros of the golfing particular exercise system are effectively recorded. 
-The confusion for many recreational golfers probably centers about what particular training modalities plus exercises could they include inside their golfing fitness programs and what are the expert golfers doing.+==== Digging Numbers ====
-I receive a great deal of issues about how are the expert golfers programs set-up, what particular exercises do they include inside their programs, and are the exercises inside these programs synonymous with those found in localized wellness clubs. A lot of individuals ask me if they could include actual dumbbell plus barbell exercises into their golf exercise program. 
-The objective of the post is with offer we info on what the componentsmodalitiesand exercises ​which compromise a advantageous golf fitness program.+Our first attempt ​is to rewrite ​the exercises for the textbook "​Digging Numbers"​ by Fletcher and Lock using the **''​R''​** statistical software. This part is still in developmentso if you can helpplease do it. ☛ [[diggingnumbers:​start|Go to the Digging Numbers ​exercises]].
-I can additionally offer a breakdown and sequence of a good golfing fitness system. 
-First and foremost, I require to define a some terms to help you create an learning ​of the simple objectives of a golf fitness program. The main goal of the golf fitness system ought to be to boost the golfing game from the development of the bodily body. In order for you to meet this goal, the golf exercises within your program must develop the body relative to the golfing swing.+==== Sum of individual weighted means ====
-At this point, I must explain a some points regarding the biomechanics of the golf swing. The golf swing is a total body athletic activity. Meaning the entire body is used with swing the golf clubSimply because in baseball, we do not throw with only you're a, yet very the body. The same is true of the golf swing; you swing the golf club with a whole body. This in the world of strength plus conditioning is defined because an "​integrated total body athletic action"​.+This is a method to calculate ​with enhanced precision ​the chronological distribution of archaeological artefacts that have long time spans☛ [[sum of individual weighted means|Go to the weighted means page]]
-The golf swing is easily defined as an athletic action incorporating the body with execute. Knowing this point, a golfing fitness system must include exercises for the body. A expression you like with call "​integration"​. Integration is the utilization of exercises that include the body. As an example, the golf swing provides a rotational movement of the core (abdominals,​ lower back, hips, and obliques). An integrated golf certain exercise incorporating all these muscles might be a physio-ball Russian Twist inside which all these muscles are working in a rotational pattern.+==== Contingency Tables ====
-This is surprisingly different than isolating each muscle of the core plus training them individually with isolation exercises including abdominal crunchesThe point to be produced is; integrate ​the muscles of the body somewhat than isolating each muscle in a golf fitness system.+This is a basic introduction to frequency and contingency tables using **''​R''​**A function for plotting Ford “battleship” diagrams is presented. ☛ [[contingency tables|Go ​to the contingency tables page]]
-Secondly, the exercises within a golfing fitness program should be "​cross-specific"​ with the anatomical positions, movement patterns, plus stamina requirements of the golfing swing. Just reported this means train the body with exercises that destination the body in the position the do the golfing swing, utilize exercises that move the body from the ranges of motion of the golfing swing, plus develop the required power requirements of golf.+==== Spatial Analysis ====
-For instancea golf swing is conducted inside a standing "​athletic position"​Knowing this fact, it would be of better benefit ​to do a physio-ball squat instead of a seated leg extension for the golfing swing, why? Because the physio-ball squat places the body able similar with a position in that the golf swing is executed. A leg extension isolates the quadriceps in a seated position, that does not train the body in an integrated movement pattern, neither inside a position synonymous to the golfing swing.+Tutorials about spatial analysis techniques using free geospatial software like GRASSR and others☛ [[spatial_analysis:​start|Go ​to the spatial analysis introduction page]]
-Cross-specific training results inside a "​transfer of training effect"​ onto to golfing swing. This just signifies the exercises you may be operating directly affect the golfing swing inside a positive manner. One objective of the golfing fitness program is to get the greatest amount of benefit from each of the exercises.+==== Plotting quantitative pottery data ====
-If you keep these two principles integration plus cross-specific in your mind whenever developing your golfing fitness program. The options prepared in the selection of exercises may undoubtedly be better for the golf swing.+☛ [[pottery:​start|Go to the quantitative pottery data page]]
-When these standard principles are understood you may start the process of developing a golfing fitness system. A golfing fitness system consists of the series of modules. The modules are basically different pieces of the system geared towards developing a certain improvement inside the body. As a complete, the separate modules together include a golfing fitness system. For example, flexibility training is you module that is contained in a golfing fitness system. The goal of the flexibility component is with develop the flexibility parameters in the body needed of the golf swing. Listed below in sequential purchase with a brief definition are the modules that comprise a comprehensive golfing fitness program.+==== Archaeometry ====
-1.Flexibility Training: exercises to develop flexibility ​in the body needed ​of the golfing swing.+Statistical analysis is very often already included ​in the archaeometric study of materials. Here we try to perform some common analysis with the R programming language☛ [[archaeometry:​start|Go to the archaeometry page]]
-2.Balance Training: modalities geared towards improving your balance capacities about the golf swing.+==== Monte Carlo simulation ====
-3.Joint Integrity TrainingExercises to develop strength plus stamina in the joints of the bodyInjury prevention based exercises for the shoulders, hips, and legs.+Enrico RCrema has some interesting R scripts for Monte Carlo simulation on his website​~tcrnerc/​Downloads.html
-4.Core Training: Exercises to develop the required stabilization,​ strength, plus endurance in the core area of the body for the golf swing. Utilizes a range of modalities and equipment including physio-balls,​ medicine balls, tubing, and dumbbells.+==== Quantitative Archaeology summer school ====
-5.Total Body TrainingIntegrated total body strength, endurance, and force training exercises. Geared towards developing the required strength, endurance, and energy inside the body in a cross-specific way relative with the golfing swing.+Some brief notes taken at the [[qmdaa:start|I-QMDAA Summer School]] ​in 2006.
-The most important principle to remember relative to the modules comprising a golfing fitness program are the objectives of each module plus the order. (<a href='​http://​​downloads-books/​1872-golf-clubs-and-how-to-use-them....html'>​Golf Clubs and How to Use Them</​a>​) 
-Training order is of the best importance with a golf fitness program.+===== Bibliography =====
-Frequently times the golfer will attempt ​to develop force inside their muscles before achieving the proper levels of flexibility that the demanding golf swing demands.+We are collecting references ​to published manuals and journals about Quantitative Archaeology [[bibliography:​start|in this section]].
-Should you train this technique, you'll most likely develop power inside the body, yet we will likely not be capable with use it effectively. 
-For instance, should you develop greater amounts of energy inside the core area of the body, but don't have the flexibility with execute a full shoulder turn. The ability of your body with utilize a increased power is less than optimal. I can't emphasize to you enough, keep the training purchase consistent because I outlined above.+===== Mailing List =====
-Finally, the number of exercise options you have in terms of flexibility,​ balance, joint integrity, core training, plus total body exercises for the golf swing are too several to count. 
-There is moreover countless types of equipment we can employ for every component of the golfing exercise program.+There's an [[http://​|international mailing list]] to discuss about quantitative methods, free software in archaeology,​ open formats and more. The list is kindly hosted by the [[http://​|Italian Linux Society]].
-You can utilize stretch cords, tubing, medication balls, dumbbells, and all different types of equipment inside a golfing fitness systemThe points to keep in your mind when choosing the actual exercises for the system are:+Howeverthe [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​antiquist|Antiquist]] Google Group is more active than “our” mailing list and you may get better answers there.
-1) Do the exercises train the body inside the anatomical positions of the golfing swing?+===== About Quantitative Archaeology Wiki =====
-2) Do the exercises take the body through the ranges of motion entailed in the golf swing?+This website is a wiki. This means that:  
 +  - **you can contribute** and improve ​the existing documentation,​ even with small edits 
 +  - anyone will be able to read, edit and possibly improve your contributions ​
-3) Do the exercises develop the necessary energy requirements ​of the golfing swing?+You should contribute documentation about free and open source software, but general documentation about algorithms and statistical methods is also good. 
 +The documentation is released under the [[http://​​licenses/​by-sa/​3.0/​|Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License]] (CC-BY-SA 3.0). This gives to everyone ​the freedom to modify and redistribute copies ​of the content, even for commercial purposes. CC-BY-SA 3.0 is the same license used by Wikipedia and other wiki projects. Follow the link to the license page to learn more about your rights. 
 +A brief **[[todo|TODO list]]** will be helpful to coordinate our work towards building a comprehensive guide to quantitative methods in archaeology. 
 +This wiki uses [[wiki:​dokuwiki|DokuWiki]] as backend. Documentation for editors is available on the Dokuwiki website. A brief [[wiki:​syntax|syntax reference]] can be accessed from each page while editing. 
 +The **Quantitative Archaeology Wiki** is hosted by the IOSA Project.
-If you utilize these issues inside the decision generating process of exercise selection, the final program you develop will many certainly be beneficial with your golfing swing. 
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