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-====== Spatial analysis ====== 
-This section contains tutorials about spatial analysis techniques with hands-on exercises using GRASS, R, QuantumGIS and other free geospatial software. 
-  * [[sp_intro|Introduction to the “sp” R package]] 
-  * [[feature_count|Feature count]] : how to count the number of points (e.g. archaeological sites) that fall within areas (e.g. survey regions), generating summary statistics that can be used also for plotting graphs on a map 
-  * [[settlements_and_landscape|Settlements and landscape]] is a tutorial showing how you can draw basic information about settlement choices, based on landscape variables as elevation and aspect. 
-  * [[k-means]] : basic tutorial for classification of objects'​ position using the K-Means method FIXME 
-  * [[methods of interpolation|Methods of spatial interpolation]] compares some of the most common methods of spatial interpolation that are to be used in archaeological studies and tries to see which ones are the best for each task FIXME 
-  * [[Point process modelling]] FIXME 
-  * [[grass_r_db:​start|GRASS and R]] 
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