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 +====== Archaeological Data Analysis and Modeling with Open Source GRASS GIS ======
 +[[http://​​ufg/​ufg_BerDucke.htm|Benjamin Ducke]]\\
 +Christian-Albrechts-Universit√§t zu Kiel\\
 +A good number of materials on [[http://​​ufg/​ufg_BerDucke.htm|Benjamin'​s website]].
 +===== Lecture #1 =====
 +===== Lecture #2 =====
 +Renfrew'​s **Xtent model**.
 +The "​real"​ distance between points on a cost surface is affected by the "​English Coast length"​ problem about fractals. Scale can be defined as one man's step, for example. If we study trade tracks, one mule step should be OK.
 +Also using existing known roads as network edges can work.
 +We even shoould focus on roads before sites, developing similar predictive models. A path can also be made to go through a steep hillside, if it gets excavated. But normally we are likely to exclude steep zones from our possible road network.
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