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-====== Quantification of archaeological pottery ====== 
-This is a complex and articulated topic, that has been studied by many authors with a variety of approaches. There are no ready solutions, just a large set of techniques that can be used together when studying archaeological pottery. The most important author for quantitative studies on pottery is certainly **Clive Orton**. 
-===== Some case studies with (Late) Roman pottery ===== 
-  * African Red Slip Ware from Northern Italy (400 – 700 AD) 
-  * Gaulish and Hispanic Samian Ware and African Red Slip Ware from //​Tingitana//​ 
-===== Scripts to automate plot drawing ===== 
-You can find some scripts that create good-looking plots for quantitative pottery data at http://​​steko/​pottery-ggplot2/​src/​ 
-These scripts are written in the R programming language and use the [[http://​​ggplot2/​|ggplot2]] library. They assume that data are standardized in //flat// tables with variables like: 
-  * shape of vessel 
-  * reference to existing typologies (e.g. Hayes for ARSW) 
-  * number of sherds, minimum number of vessels 
-  * chronological lifespan of each type (expressed as two separate columns of //​beginning//​ and //end// of production) 
-  * fabric 
-  * and others 
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