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Quantitative Archaeology Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the development of free documentation about quantitative methods in archaeology, using free/open source software.


Digging Numbers

Our first attempt is to rewrite the exercises for the textbook “Digging Numbers” by Fletcher and Lock using the R statistical software. This part is still in development, so if you can help, please do it. ☛ Go to the Digging Numbers exercises.

Sum of individual weighted means

This is a method to calculate with enhanced precision the chronological distribution of archaeological artefacts that have long time spans. ☛ Go to the weighted means page

Contingency Tables

This is a basic introduction to frequency and contingency tables using R. A function for plotting Ford “battleship” diagrams is presented. ☛ Go to the contingency tables page

Spatial Analysis

Tutorials about spatial analysis techniques using free geospatial software like GRASS, R and others. ☛ Go to the spatial analysis introduction page

Plotting quantitative pottery data


Statistical analysis is very often already included in the archaeometric study of materials. Here we try to perform some common analysis with the R programming language. ☛ Go to the archaeometry page

Monte Carlo simulation

Enrico R. Crema has some interesting R scripts for Monte Carlo simulation on his website:

Quantitative Archaeology summer school

Some brief notes taken at the I-QMDAA Summer School in 2006.


We are collecting references to published manuals and journals about Quantitative Archaeology in this section.

Mailing List

There's an international mailing list to discuss about quantitative methods, free software in archaeology, open formats and more. The list is kindly hosted by the Italian Linux Society.

However, the Antiquist Google Group is more active than “our” mailing list and you may get better answers there.

About Quantitative Archaeology Wiki

This website is a wiki. This means that:

  1. you can contribute and improve the existing documentation, even with small edits
  2. anyone will be able to read, edit and possibly improve your contributions

You should contribute documentation about free and open source software, but general documentation about algorithms and statistical methods is also good.

The documentation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA 3.0). This gives to everyone the freedom to modify and redistribute copies of the content, even for commercial purposes. CC-BY-SA 3.0 is the same license used by Wikipedia and other wiki projects. Follow the link to the license page to learn more about your rights.

A brief TODO list will be helpful to coordinate our work towards building a comprehensive guide to quantitative methods in archaeology.

This wiki uses DokuWiki as backend. Documentation for editors is available on the Dokuwiki website. A brief syntax reference can be accessed from each page while editing.

The Quantitative Archaeology Wiki is hosted by the IOSA Project.

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