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QUARK Laboratory

QUARK = QUAntitative ARCHaeology ;-)

The idea is to create a small laboratory mainly for internal purposes, but useful also for short practical courses.

There are two main advantages in having this lab:

  1. keeping our own server, thus eliminating the need for the many expensive hosting services we are using right now
  2. having a fair number of machines (say 5) to perform the different activities of the whole grupporicerche


  • web server
  • code server
    • git
    • mercurial
  • mail server
    • encourage the adoption of personal e-mail addresses like (POP and IMAP)
    • host mailing lists (existing and new) with mailman
      • iisl
    • put up a webmail (Roundcube? Zimbra?)
  • SSH access for tech users and admins
  • jabber server ? 8-O
  • every server we might need could ideally be started once the base structure is active (probably not everything on the same machine… anyway)


This way we shouldn't be locked by “this is my computer” situations. However, a good network is needed to ensure there are no excessive slowdowns

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