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ESF Workshop

“European Perspectives for the development of Archaeological Free/Open source Software”

Provisional list of participants

Name E-mail Institution Country Confirmed
Stefano Costa University of Siena Italy yes
Stefano Anastasio University of Siena Italy yes
Giancarlo Macchi University of Siena Italy yes
Luca Bianconi Istituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri Italy yes
Luca Bezzi Arc-Team s.n.c. Italy yes
Walter Kuntner University of Innsbruck Austria yes
Sandra Heinsch University of Innsbruck Austria yes
Torsten Madsen former University of Aarhus Denmark no
Peter Jensen University of Aarhus Denmark
Tiina Aikas Finland
Pierre Drap Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et des Systèmes, CNRS France yes
Thierry Gonon Oxford Archaeology France yes
Henry-Louis Guillaume Paris France
Clement Jamet Paris France
Undine Lieberwirth Germany
Markos Katsianis Thessaloniki Greece yes
Spyros Tsipidis Thessaloniki Greece yes Greece
Daniel Löwenborg University of Uppsala Sweden yes
Pavel Mirea Romania no
Lukasz Czyzewski Torun Poland yes
Juan Antonio Barceló Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona Spain yes
Jose A. Esquivel University of Granada Spain yes
Loïc Jammet-Reynal Université de Genève Switzerland
Chris Puttick Oxford Archaeology UK yes
Benjamin Ducke Oxford Archaeology UK yes
Enrico R. Crema UCL UK yes
Mark Lake University College London UK
Andrew Bevan UCL-London UK


Preliminary programme

October, 29th - November 1st 2009 (from thursday evening to sunday morning)

October, 29th

  • arrival and reception starting from 6PM
  • welcome dinner

October, 30th

  • morning: GIS and 3D
  • afternoon: hacking session

October, 31th

  • morning: data analysis
  • afternoon: hacking session

November, 1st

  • morning: hardware/web tools
  • afternoon: bye bye
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